The third larvicidal treatment of mosquitoes on the territory of Jablanica district in 2021

The company SANIT M&M from Nis, Rajićeva 1a / 1 will start the treatment of mosquito larvae control on the territory of Jablanica district, in accordance with the Agreement No. 404-02-22 / 2021-02 / 5 from April 12, 2021.
The treatment will be performed from the ground in the period from 9 am to 6 pm.
Larvicidal treatment will be performed with a biocidal product based on the growth regulator of mosquitoes, “LARVASTOP PIRIPROX 0.5% ZG”, in order to reduce the number of mosquitoes in the territory of six municipalities of Jablanica district, namely;

City of Leskovac; 09. and 10. 08. 2021.
Municipality of Vlasotince; 10.08.2021.
Municipality of Crna Trava; 10.08.2021.
Municipality of Bojnik; 12.08.2021.
Municipality of Lebane; 12.08.2021.
Municipality of Medvedja; 11.08.2021.

Noting that the preparation is not poisonous to aquatic fauna, bees and other organisms and does not require special precautions.

Please inform the public.

Cabinet of the Mayor of Jablanica Administrative District