St. George’s Day: The most beautiful spring, Christian holiday among the Orthodox

St. George’s Day is a Christian and national holiday that Orthodox believers celebrate on May 6 every year. It commemorates the memory of St. George, the holy great martyr and victor George, when he celebrates a large number of families as his baptismal feast. St. George or St. George is one of the saints who is celebrated in the Orthodox Church as the baptismal feast of St. George, however, it is also celebrated in Catholic countries. Immortalized in the story where he kills the dragon, it is celebrated in Canada, Catalonia, England, Germany, Italy, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Portugal, but it is also celebrated in cities – Istanbul, Ljubljana and Moscow. It is the holiday of the holy great martyr and victor George, when it is celebrated by a large number of families, so this celebration is in second place in terms of the number of celebrants in Serbia and the diaspora! Saint George, George or George, as the Serbs call him, is depicted on the icons in warrior equipment on a horse, stabbing a dragon with a long spear.