Visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Serbia and the Minister of Mining and Energy, Prof. Dr. Zorana Mihajlović to Vlasotince

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, Prof. Dr. Zorana Mihajlović, visited the municipality of Vlasotince today and on that occasion visited the settlement of Beli kamen, where works are underway to eliminate faults on the transmission line, and then held a meeting with the municipal leadership. On this occasion, Mihajlović stated that she expects that the situation with electricity supply in the villages in Vlasotince will be overcome in seven to 10 days and thanked the locals for their understanding and help to the installers who work day and night in difficult conditions. We have to create conditions, and those are the road, sewerage, electricity, water supply, if we want children to be born and people to stay and live here. The state wants to invest and help, but companies must also follow state policy and implement activities efficiently, as expected of them. Bojan Atlagić, director of “ODS EPS Distribucija”, thanked the installers and all the workers who worked in extremely bad conditions for 10 days, contributing to all users receiving electricity. “At the level of Serbia, four percent of users were without electricity on January 11, the most critical day, today it is 0.13 percent. In Vlasotince, on January 11, 2,700 citizens were without electricity, and now it is 330 users. These percentages are living people in the field, we will work at full capacity for 24 hours, until we supply the last user with electricity. Thanks to the Ministry of Mining and Energy for their support and for all decisions related to the distribution activity, because that means new investments and better quality of services “, said Atlagić. The president of the municipality of Vlasotince, Bratislav Petrović, reminded that two emergency situations were introduced in Vlasotince, due to the corona, but also due to the water supply and power outages. “After four days, we managed to provide water as a technical, as well as seven drinking cisterns. We are afraid of every next water. As for the supply of electricity, today we have defined several points, agreed on further activities, which we cannot solve without the help of the line minister, “he said. The head of the Jablanica district, Miloš Ćirić, stated that today’s visit of Vice President Mihajlović shows that the citizens who have a problem have not been forgotten by the Government and the President. “Field workers have been hired, but the work is made more difficult by the weather.” Thanks to the Minister for her help, but also to all the workers and fitters who work in the field, despite the difficult conditions. They are heroes for the villagers who have difficulties with electricity supply. “Thank you to the Deputy Prime Minister for showing that the south of Serbia has not been forgotten,” he said.