Ilić: We will build the walls, the state will help those in need

Ilić in Grdelica promised government assistance to flood-hit areas
Emergency Situations Minister Velimir Ilić, during a tour of flooded areas in southern Serbia, in Grdelica announced the construction of several walls at the South Morava in Vranje promised that the state will help Pčinj district.
He pointed out that in recent floods caused great damage, but it has only assessed the situation and determined.


We will start by raising the walls on the South Morava river here in Grdelica at the place where it is most flooded house – said Ilic.
On the local authorities in Leskovac brought several dryer that would help in faster clearing the damage made by households. They are not only flooded households, destroyed the road infrastructure, odronjeni roads, damaged bridges and take. Destroyed the assets of several private entrepreneurs. Our obligation is to all back to normal – said Ilić.


The minister said that the most critical situation in Bosilegrad, but it is difficult in the Han and Grdelica Trgovištu.U pointed out that the torrential streams biggest problem for whose arrangement, he said, will be allocated significant resources, and to help entrepreneurs who all destroyed.
Although the situation is more stable after the flood, residents Grdelice for two days no water to drink. There are two tanks of drinking water in the city said the mayor of Leskovac Goran Cvetanović, but could not specify when the water in Grdelica normalize.
Locals Grdelice, due to spills Tulovske River and the South Morava, in addition to water shortages, suffered major damage in the floods on Friday afternoon afflicted south Serbia.
The state will help because it always helps
Ilic was cut off after the visit villages near Predejane, where torrential stream took time, he continued to Vranje Vranje and Spa. I’ll send out a report, it is good that the water is receding, there is damage, we need to act preventively to this sort of thing does not happen again. The state will help because it always helps – said Velimir Ilić to defend Prvonek near Vranje.

Minister Ilic visited Vranje
He added that the state can expect help in oil, food, water and other necessary potrebama.Istakao is that the road to defend the need to urgently repaired and cleaned of landslides, but that the situation in Vladicin Han alarming because of landslides threaten around 400 houses. Municipalities have a small and modest budgets, according to the priorities should be addressed brethren lost infrastructure – Ilić said at the meeting of the Crisis Staff of the city of Vranje.
He commended the Vranje City headquarters for emergency situations which, he says, to take all necessary measures.
He said he’d drawn up on the basis of reports from the field report to the Government. He pointed out the problem of illegal exploitation of sand and announced intensified inspection.
Author D. M, I. M. Source South News