The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, was in Nis today, where he met with the commanders of the Serbian Armed Forces, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and line ministers and attended the presentation of the capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia, the “Defense of Freedom”.

President Vucic said after the meeting with representatives of the Security Council, the MUP and the ministers that the security situation in the country is extremely complex.
“Serbia will behave very responsibly, seriously, safeguard peace and stability. With many of the bad sentences Broz had, one was true – we should live like a hundred years to be peace, but to be ready to defend the country at all times “said President Vucic, adding that, according to that, our units are increasingly prepared, trained and equipped.
“Our budget for defense is never bigger, and not only that budget, but what we took from the current budget reserve meant a lot. This facilitates the position of a relatively small but independent country to lead an independent policy,” said President Vucic and pointed out that, with Poland and Hungary, Serbia is the largest helicopter contractor in this part of the world, which dramatically changes Serbia’s position in the military and police sense.
“It’s positioning Serbia in a completely different way, and today you will see the largest number of tanks in the defile in one place, and you will see the largest number of soldiers and policemen in a single exercise, more than 4,000 people, in our show, and more than 10,000 people, “President Vucic explained and reminded that Serbia bought two systems of powerful drones.
“All this should serve to deter a potential aggressor in the attack on the Republic of Serbia,” said President Vucic. He said that the salaries of soldiers and police officers were better than they were, but also announced that they would continue to increase.
“We will have a lot of things to change, we will go to a significant increase in salaries. I hope that this will reflect on the desire to work and that it will prove to be a love for Serbia,” said President Vucic, adding that slowly changing and transforming the country, completely.
President Vucic thanked members of the army and police after the presentation “Defense of Freedom” and told them that Serbia is proud of their efforts, diligence and training.
“Thank you very much for this magnificent day. In an impressive way, we celebrated Victory Day and showed how we are paying back debt to those who created freedom. Serbia is a free country and will not allow anyone to endanger her freedom. You are the pride of Serbia. I evaluate the exercise with very good. Živela Srbija “, said President Vučić.
Niš, May 10, 2019