The city of Leskovac celebrates its glory – the Holy Trinity

The city of Leskovac today celebrates its glory – the Holy Trinity.
The ceremonial liturgy served by His Eminence Bishop of Nis, Mr. Arseny, marked the celebration.
At the end of the liturgy, the center of the city started a lithium where, in addition to the records, in the park, the bishop of Nis, Mr. Arsenije, held a prayer.
The host of this year’s celebration is the director of the Tourist Organization of Leskovac, while next year the host will be Ivan Ilic, the director of the High School Center.
The ceremonious celebration of the celebration was finished with the ritual of cutting pancakes in the ceremonial hall of the town of Leskovac, after which the deputy mayor of the city, Jasmina Randjelovic, addressed the citizens.
“Today is for all of us who love Leskovac and who, living in it, develop and grow with him. The celebration of this day obliges us not to forget who we are, to preserve our history, our culture, our faith, and to preserve this tradition, we create a supply for the future so that we can take our children, future generations to the right path.
On this holy day we are obligated to spread well and to forgive bad, to forget evil, and to remember what is good. “
The bishop of Nis, Mr. Arsenije, said:
“Today’s feast is the feast of establishing the church of God on the earth which is the presence of the kingdom of God, the empire of the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit celebrated by the city of Leskovac, which many many cities throughout Serbia celebrate as their baptism. May the Lord give us prayers that we have learned today in the Holy Liturgy and during the lithium that we have performed, which we served in the town of Leskovac that the Lord sent the Holy Spirit to the town of Leskovac and to all his inhabitants. Happiness of Glory! “