The head of the Jablanica administrative district, Miloš Ćirić congratulates the Day of the Serbian Army

In memory of the beginning of the Second Serbian Uprising on April 23, 1815, the Day of the Serbian Army is being marked today. Although not militarily significant, the Second Serbian Uprising marked a turning point in the formation of a modern Serbian state, and thus an army. One of the first institutions that emerged in Serbia after the Second Serbian Uprising was the army. The first officers were educated in Russia, and the army was organized on the model of the Russian royal army, and the French and German military thought had a great influence. The army experienced a significant rise in Serbia during the time of Prince Mihailo Obrenović, but according to historians, the biggest changes took place after the war with Turkey in 1876-1877. and in Bulgaria in 1885, the Serbian army was formed from insurgent companies, that is, from a people who took up arms to fight for their freedom. Therein lie the roots of the deep connection between our people and our army. The Serbian Army nurtures this essential connection, so that even in the conditions of professionalization, it remains attached to the citizens of Serbia and helps them whenever it is needed. Citizens also recognize this fateful connection and appreciate the efforts the military is making for the common good.